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Microsoft To-Do is more than just a to-do record tool; it’s a bit of management project software. As a capacity information hoarder, we have already used a project management tool named Trello and automated as much as possible while managing the freelance business. We still find you overloaded at the start of your working day:

  • Frequently couldn’t decide what to do first: urgent or essential?
  • We were caught mentally recounting what was required to be done.
  • By the day’s end, we have achieved very little.

We could get all the controls when we started utilizing Microsoft To Do. Here, we share the aspects we love and operate in our daily life—and show you how to customize them to fit your requirements.

Microsoft To-Do list is a free app that helps you to manage your daily projects and tasks. The app is idealized for listing your projects, tasks, groceries, or study topics. Additionally, you can plan how to handle your to-do list and utilize and mark a star for critical things. It’s similar to Microsoft One Note and Todoist.

However, there are restrictions in the app, like its restricted section for classifying your priority. Luckily, several customization sections help you personalize the app. You can also share your created lists with friends, family members, and colleagues.

Create A List Of Peace

Create A List Of Peace

The central aspect of Microsoft To-Do is letting you create a list and mark all the items in a moment. Creating a list is straightforward and rapid, letting you get straight to your tasks. The interface makes checking off charges and setting your reminders so simple.

Adding Note

When you create your tasks, the option is to add detailed notes, and you can edit as always available. This aspect works very well if you’re busy with a project and want to adapt the list as you go along. Additionally, you can sync your devices and add these notes from any device.

Share Tasks And Lists

As you work, you can share any task or list with your friend, family member, or colleagues. The app quickly lets you send files via e-mail and connect across multiple apps such as Outlook, Gmail, and others. This is available for all social media platforms, such as iOS and Android.

Personalization Alternative

There are many other ways to personalize the screen of your tasks and change their color with Microsoft To-Do. Furthermore, you can enable dark mode as a theme and view the app’s layout differently.

Set Priorities

The most significant limitation of Microsoft To-Do is the need for prioritization alternatives. The only way to set your task as prior you can mark a star on it. There are no levels of priority that you can choose or manage.

Our Take

Microsoft To-Do is an outstanding application and is valuable and worth installing on your desktop. It offers various ways to stay updated with your tasks and personalize your lists. However, many beneficial alternatives, such as Todoist and Microsoft OneNote, offer similar features to keep track of your day.

Should You Download It?

Yes. This app is a great way to manage your tasks if you need to stay organized while working on projects. It’s worth a download.


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