How to Make Your Laptop a Wi-Fi Extender?

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A Wi-Fi extender is just like any other electrical device or software that has the ability to repeat and extend a wireless signal. If your wireless router no longer provides you the signal you want, then you might think about this Wi-Fi repeater which might be quite useful. When building covers large areas and complex spaces, we use an extender, where a specialized router might not be able to cover the area. When looking for a cheap and quick solution, you might even utilize your Windows 10 laptop to make it a Wi-Fi extender. 

Here are two ways in which you can transform your computer into a wireless repeater, without even changing the login details by creating a new network from the laptop model, to share the Wi-Fi signal with other devices. 

There are two methods that you can try to increase your laptop’s Wi-Fi range. You can use a similar way in which Wi-Fi extenders work in order to increase your laptop’s Wi-Fi range. Using a program that repeats the signal makes the Wi-Fi signal boost in order to broaden your overall network reach. Using your laptop here actually emits the actual need for a Wi-Fi Range Extender hardware. If you own a big house where one router is inefficient to cover the whole area you may use this method. 

The next method involves the feature of Windows building a mobile hotspot. It has a completely different SSID and password than the primary network. It is quite useful when you have to pay for a single connection for your laptop and want to extend the Wi-Fi capabilities to your phone. This Windows built-in Mobile hotspot features efficiently features an on-demand Wi-Fi hotspot. Another positive function that this method allows you is that you can care-freely share your home internet with guests without actually sharing the Wi-Fi details with them. 

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Now as the next step you might have to repeat the signal. For that programs like MyPublicWi-Fi,  Connectify with Hotspot Max, etc are used to show the process.

You need to download and install the software MyPublicWi-Fi which is built for Windows 11,  Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7. After installing it you might have to get to the network tab which is visible at the top of the program and then choose WLAN Repeater. There you might find some options in the menu. Choose the one that is correct for an Internet connection from them. Then select start hotspot. There are some options that you can find from the security tab before the last step of selecting the start hotspot button. You can control the bandwidth and have an ad blocker and a URL logging system from the security tab options. 

After the above steps, you might want to share your internet access now. For that, you can use a Windows 11 or Windows 10 laptop making it a Wi-Fi extender by building a Wi-Fi hotspot device using the mobile hotspot option from the settings. For that, you might want to open settings through one of the fastest ways; to use the shortcut of the Windows button and i. After that, go to network and internet where you’ll find the option of mobile hotspot. You can select the button which is next to share my internet connection and change that option. If you use Windows 7, you are allowed with another option which is next to share over and that lets you choose Wi-Fi or Bluetooth as the sharing technique. If you want to change the network name and password and other default network properties you might want to go to the properties or edit options in these Windows 11 and Windows 10 laptops respectively. Then select the button which is next to the mobile hotspot at the top of your window, to turn your device into a Wi-Fi extender.

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