How to Download McAfee Total Security on Windows

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Obtaining total security isn’t rigid at all McAfee Total Security is a special antivirus software designed to remain up to 5 Windows devices secure with just one subscription. This program ends the worst of malware and ransomware. Still, keeping an eye on cryptocurrencies and involving identity theft security and credit monitoring services is also beneficial.

Other marvelous aspects included with McAfee are a basic VPN to help shield you while online, a firewall to stay on your network secure, and a password manager. You can also use the program to encrypt files, making them dense for hackers and ransomware to detain them. If you select the Family plan, you will obtain parental control.

With all the noble security McAfee has to provide – not to introduce the annoying digit of protection tools – it’s no wonder how many Windows users require it to take advantage of its malware security. After downloading and installing on your Desktop or laptop isn’t that tricky – we’ll escort you through! 

Once you select and pay for your subscription, you will automatically be diverted to the McAfee download page. You’ll also receive an e-mail with a swift download button beyond the message to make it simple to download afterward. 

The program will take you through all the installation tips, but we’ve got them spent for you here, too. Read on and look out how to get it done!

How to Download McAfee Total Security

Download McAfee Total Security

→ Open the McAfee e-mail receipt in your index. Look for the download button for the Windows/ Mac version and Tap to begin the download process.

→ Locate the EXE file downloaded file will appear at the bottom of your screen. When it is done downloading, Tap the file to begin the installation procedure.

→ Accept the app windows will show a pop-up message asking if you’d like McAfee installed on your System. You must Tap Yes for the program to be installed.

→ InstallOnce it’s allowed to start, McAfee will prompt you to install the program. This is as easy as Taping Install/Enroll.

→ Take off other software while the app is downloaded; McAfee will check to see if other software programs could snoop with how it works. Usually, these are different antivirus programs you may have before installed. You can select to keep both programs, but this will impact both software’s comprehensive effectiveness. To be safe, Tap Remove to uninstall the previous program. 

→ Finishing McAfee will take a short time to install completely. When it is finished, you will see an Install complete pop-up. Taping it will close the installation window and locate the McAfee icon on your System.

→ Start using McAfee Total security; tap the icon on your System to open the program’s dashboard once installed. McAfee automatically scans your System for any malware throughout the installation procedure. You can set it to run and check frequently or permit the program’s defaults to stand in.

The necessary tools are already on by default. Still, you can configure the antivirus software to work as you require it. And whatever that may need to be turned on, like McAfee’s safe browsing tools, you’ll be prompted to tap the begin/start button for those. That’s all there is to it! Following these easy tips, you’ll be up and running with total security!

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